Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laura Jeans Heartstrings quilt

I finished quilting and binding this lovely string quilt that Laura Jean on the heartstrings group pieced. I did freemotion heart wreaths in the white parts, free motion loops in the red connecting strips and freemotion hearts in the multi-coloured areas.

This took me longer than anticipated. Not just the quilting but life just keeps getting in the way lately. bunch of things among being sick, doctor shortage here is so bad, that even tho I have a doctor, she was gone for 2 tried to self help (bad idea), finally succumbed to sitting at a walk in clinic all day *sigh* Considering now we have a medical tax, how is it that the medical services have become so poor. who knows what the government does with all this money...all I know is every service is being cut. /end rant.

Anyway, need to get this to UPS and get it back to her, today hopefully, just need to find a box. I hope she will like it.