Friday, March 25, 2011

dollhouse progress

I've got the first row of rooms finished and stitched together, I will add more details with the quilting, as always my pictures suck! lol its really not crooked!

I stitched Welcome and Chloes House on the door, but I dont think that shows up in this picture. Today I will work on the sitting room, I've drawn out some pieces, I'm not a very good artist I've discovered! lol but I think it will work.

I'm hoping to get the middle row done today as the bathroom is done, altho I'm still debating if I want to redo that. I didn't think to add stablizer, was the first block I did, and it puckered quite a bit...not sure if I can work it out with the quilting or not, I'll decide once I get the rest of the blocks done.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dollhouse for Chloe

I'm making another quilt for one of the piecing hope children, this time for a lil girl named Chloe. She likes playing with dolls so I had this idea of making her a dollhouse quilt. Searched the net in vain, other than a couple of very expensive pattern sets.

Crystal offered to design a pattern, yes really! I still can't believe it, but she has and I've been busy working on building a house! =) Crystal will be offering the patterns as a BOM on her blog later at for anyone that is interested. thank you, thank you Crystal!

So far I have the front door and the bathroom done, next up the living room! =)