Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chloe's dollhouse quilt - updated pics

Is finally done =) This one took me a while! Crystal designed the layout, and drew a few of the blocks but had some health issues, so me and my pencil got busy. I'm sure the blocks aren't as nice as what Crystal would have created, but yay its done!

Lots of pictures because I'll be sending it off to Chloe, this is for the project. Chloe is the third child I have made a quilt for, I really hope she likes it.

Of course I still need to bind it, I found some nice striped fabric in pinks, yellow etc. I think it will look cute.

Friday, March 25, 2011

dollhouse progress

I've got the first row of rooms finished and stitched together, I will add more details with the quilting, as always my pictures suck! lol its really not crooked!

I stitched Welcome and Chloes House on the door, but I dont think that shows up in this picture. Today I will work on the sitting room, I've drawn out some pieces, I'm not a very good artist I've discovered! lol but I think it will work.

I'm hoping to get the middle row done today as the bathroom is done, altho I'm still debating if I want to redo that. I didn't think to add stablizer, was the first block I did, and it puckered quite a bit...not sure if I can work it out with the quilting or not, I'll decide once I get the rest of the blocks done.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dollhouse for Chloe

I'm making another quilt for one of the piecing hope children, this time for a lil girl named Chloe. She likes playing with dolls so I had this idea of making her a dollhouse quilt. Searched the net in vain, other than a couple of very expensive pattern sets.

Crystal offered to design a pattern, yes really! I still can't believe it, but she has and I've been busy working on building a house! =) Crystal will be offering the patterns as a BOM on her blog later at for anyone that is interested. thank you, thank you Crystal!

So far I have the front door and the bathroom done, next up the living room! =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lime green strings

The heartstrings group project for Feb/March is lime green centered string blocks. I actually didn't have any lime green *gasp!* lol I found this fabric at fabricland on the 3.00/meter table, I guess its not super bright lime green, but I thought it was pretty anyway. I bordered each center strip with a 1" stripe that had lime green in it to give it a lil more controlled look and tried to incorporate the same yellow fabric in each block as well.

In my infinite wisdom....because I hate binding sooo much...I thought, hey, I'll do prairie points 'cause yanno I've got this go cutter now and cutting the squares will be super fast. So yup that part was, but ummmm it would have been easier to do the binding lol! especially considering I've never done prairie points EVER, had no clue what I was doing...oh well lol

I quilted it with an all over freehand daisy type flowers, I don't think that shows up in the pics, nor do the pics really represent well the actual colours, but yea, ima get a new camera one of these days! Pretty sure I have enough airmiles to get one, just need to decide what to get out of the selection they have, really, I mean I just want point and click and my pics to actually look like the real thing! is that so much to ask? lol

This one will go to the Womens shelter, working on a stack to take there. I think I will make some totes to take as well, I trialed a tote pattern last week that turned out really nice, and its fairly quick to make, took me a morning or so I think.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hmm I forgot the other stuff in that post lol

Its not looking like anything is going to be corrected re the used Accuquilt GoCutter, guess if I ever do something like that again I won't tell the store I'm coming from Canada! I did let Accuquilt know because I thought they should be aware of the situation with one of their distributors. Its not their fault, and all the said was to call the store manager, which yea, but they aren't interested in doing anything about it.

So...rather than focus on that, after all, I can buy a new mat for like 10.00 and I've enough fabric here to make my own cover, better that I just let it go out of my head and enjoy it! To that end I spent the day yesterday tidying and making a designated spot for it. The desk is a bit low, I may get some wood and try to raise it a bit, which I've been meaning to do with my banquet table I use for cutting for hmm years? lol

Anyway, here's some pics of my sewing cave, I know it prolly still looks messy but its a whole lot better than it was! lol

Jesse's quilt and other stuff

Here's some pics of the quilt for Jesse, as always my photography stinks! lol Its actually blue and white, the top was pieced by Sarah B, she sent it to me a while back and said to finish it and donate it. I'd been saving it for something special and I can't think of anything more special than Jesse. I hope Sarah likes what I did with it. I embroidered all the white areas with everything Jesse likes; soccer, playing drums, bike riding, and he wants to be a pilot someday. His fav colour is blue =)

Piecinghope asks you to name the quilt, took me a while there, I'm not good at that! So I asked my friend Barbara snd within seconds she said "Skies the Limit", perfect!
The label says the name and made with love for Jesse by myself and Sarah.

Not sure if you can see the center embroidery but its a train with engine and caboose, and each car has a letter of Jesse's name spelling out Jesse.

I hope he likes it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Accuquilt GoCutter - disappointed a lil bit =(

yay! well sort of. Joann Fabrics had a sale starting today, but that meant a 2 hour drive, dealing with the border etc., still, the price was good, and I've been looking at them for a while, none in this area that I could find. Sooo...I called 2 of the ones nearest me earlier in the week, they said to call Saturday and make sure they still had them.
The closest store did not. Ok...the other one did, so I had them put it on hold.

They had none left on the shelf, but had put it away. Got it, a couple of dies and mats, headed home. Had to pay at the border but I knew that, still made it a pretty good deal.

All excited and ready to the box, and the dust cover is filthy dirty and ripped. Made me sad =( but its just a dust cover I can deal with that. Opened the value die only to find the mat was well used and a mark on the die itself. I'm really disappointed. Its just too far to take it back, plus they don't have anymore left, plus I already forked out the duty/taxes at Customs.

I tried it out, it works ok, but it kinda took the joy away if that makes sense. Its clearly been used and a fair bit at that, I don't know if the store used it or it was a return, but it was something I really had to save for and I hadn't expected something I bought at a store to be used.

On a happier note, Jesse's quilt is all finished and in the dryer. I will ship it to piecinghope this week and hopefully it will get to Africa soon. I'll post a pic tomorrow if I can get my camera to play nicely.

I finished a whole bunch of lime green strip blocks for the heartstrings Feb/March project. They are really cute. Will post pics of those too when I have them all together. I only have 8 sewn together so far.

Happy sewing!