Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Winter...yup its coming

Not sure why every year I have this thought that maybe just maybe winter will forget to come...never happens of course and gosh it seems to be coming early and fast this year! I refuse to turn the heating on yet, but have had the fireplace going at night in my studio along with sweaters, socks heck even a blankie if necessary lol
Stubborn I am, I dont wanna pay for gas, after all 100.00 buys fabric! yanno cause I need more of that :/ is a snow people wallhanging I made, fun thing to look at to pretend that there is something actually fun about winter...

Its embroidered on snowy type fabric, found the snow people fabric border type stuff somewhere years ago, where I do not recall, but really went nicely with the embroidery I thought.

*usual disclaimer* my picture suxs. =)

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Thingy

Some years ago I experimented with some mathematical equations based on chaos theory.
The images I created using this formula inspired me to create them in thread. I had sort of forgotten about them until my friend visited from Australia and saw one of my samples. She loved it and wanted to try one of my designs.

Here is the result of our efforts. Sadly the picture really does not do this justice, they are really 3D with a build up of thread colours and textures that meld together to create quite an intricate and interesting visual.

She has left now on her way to explore more of North America, it was the first time we have actually met but have been computer friends for a long time. Its mind boggling to think of the things we have shared over the years, I feel very fortunate that we got this chance to meet no matter how brief. I am missing her being here, place seems awfully quiet again =(