Friday, March 5, 2010

More Quilts!

I finished another donation quilt the other day, from some leftover blocks that Sarah B sent me.

This went to the Womens Community Shelter along with 7 others on Wednesday.

Now I'm working on a purple 'thing', lots of scrappy in it but controlled with thin black strips and of course lots of purple.

Picked out some fabrics today out of my stash for a neat diaper bag (Amy Butler pattern), will start on that prolly next week.

I received a lovely email from Alex at piecinghope, they received John's quilt and it will get sent to him soon I think, I hope that he likes it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

String Top

Heres a lil string top that Sue's Mum sent that I quilted and bound the other day.
this one will go to the womens shelter along with 7 others I completed over the last month or so.

not a great pic but your used to that by now, right? lol the blue center fabric is Harry Potter, I think this one is perfect for a lil boy to cuddle under while reading or watching TV.

piecing hope

Here is the quilt I made for John, a lil boy in Africa. I sent this by UPS over a week ago to the central location collecting quilts for the 40 children. Hopefully it made it there ok, the website etc isnt great about communication, but apparently neither am I since its been months since I updated this blog lol

Anyway, some info was given about each child, John likes playing with cars and playing soccer, his fav colour is purple. I tried to incorporate all these things into this quilt I designed for him. The applique patterns are from fatcat patterns, the embroidery designs from I quilted Caution, Stop, Go into the yellow, red, green borders, freehand cars into the outer black borders, a soccer game in one of the grassy areas (ok my drawing skills suck so my soccer players look almost alien) but E for effort? lol

Trying again...

Well...I see my last post was in August 2009..really?! where the heck did the time go inbetween? heck idk. but I have been quilting...lots and lots!

Heres some pics of the inner peace quilt, these are of the center medallion area.

Getting there!