Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Inner Peace

Since my omg I'm in a pissy mood yesterday, fitting to work on my Inner Peace BOM right? =)

Sometimes I question my sanity when I quilt stuff...its like k why must u pick things that take forever and a day? and why must my perfectionism make me never happy with anything I do? blah....will I ever make something that I'm ok with? I remember this friend of mine used to say 'use the 3 foot rule' basically meaning stand back and dont focus on every little mistake or wobble...well yea, but sometimes I think maybe if I rode by 300 feet away on a galloping horse? lol oh well, guess we all have our own private demons.

Anyway..heres some more terrible photography of the inner peace quilting progress.
the borders really are jet black and the other fabrics deep deep rich colours.

Its hot and humid. I love the heat, but not so enraptured with the humidex. Yesterday I tackled weeds in the backyard. I have a seriously amazing crop of them this year, matched only by my lack of interest in all things garden related. However, the neighbours are surely by now sick of my lack of interest in the 4 foot thistles...therefore it is required that I make an attempt at taming them. My tomato plants are the saddest looking things in my garden, the thistles are spectacular tho. If only weeds were an acceptable beautified object, well then I'm sure some home gardening mag would feature my yard! its all a matter of persepctive, right? =)

Friday, August 14, 2009

An economy rant

So the other day I get a notice from Rogers that hey the CRTC is adding a fee for u know Canadian the tune of 1.5% of my bill. But Rogers is quick to point out that we are just collecting this fee, we make absolutely NO profit on it...umhmm. Bottom line to me is I dont give a rats ass whose profiting from it, my Rogers bill is already like 300 every 2 months, u think I care where this insane increase is going? because I dont. I care that in the roughest economy ever where our unemployment rate is thru the roof, u are charging another 1.5% of my bill, for the lousiest TV lineup possible. 4 mins of program, 8 mins of commercials. and I pay a lot of money for this....I'm so sick of these companies.

Hydro, oh we have to initiate a sewer surcharge cause yanno the sewers all need replacing..but dont worry! its many effing years ago was that?! still there and not only that now often times the surcharge is more than my actual water bill. Oh and hey now we charge more in the summer than the winter cause we know darn right well its the time ur using ur a/c and when ull use the most hydro.

Banks. So the government infuses them with money to 'help' them. My money btw. yup the taxpayers money. So when the interest rates go down to jump start the economy I get a letter from my bank. "Since the interest rates are so low and we cant afford to lend money at that rate, we are upping your line of credit interest rate by 1%" wait, what? we had a contract at a set amount of percentage above prime...u cant just change it now?! but oh yes they can, cause in clause 26 of their dumbass contract it says that the bank can change any and all terms of this contract at any time by sending notification by regular mail. Gee, I cant do that now can I? if I lose my job, I cant send them a regular mail notice and say oh btw I lost my job and I need to reduce my interest rate...but they can? with money the taxpayers gave them to reduce interest costs to move the economy....unbelievable.

And is there anything that can be done about these injustices to the Canadian people? nope, just try to find a governing body contact info..ull get bounced from one place to another for days. and in the end, all they will say is 'working as intended'

yup good thing we pay politicians and governing bodies insane salaries while we slug it out working 2 jobs a piece to pay them, cause yanno they can speak French so they gotta be worth the salary, right?

yes its true, I'm pissed off today! lol