Saturday, September 20, 2008

In a Slump or something idk

Well, this is frustrating. I was going good, got 1/2 a string quilt pieced and rows put together, as well as about 100 indian hatchett blocks or whatever they are called, happily busting some stash, using up scraps and so forth.

Then boom, suddenly seem to have hit a brick wall this entire week I have not turned on the sewing day I turned on the iron and went outside with my coffee waiting for it to heat up (its definitely on its last legs), but by the time I came inside, looked around, my head said meh, dont feel like it. *sigh*

Not sure what the problem is, its not like I did much of anything else...and I need to be. My friend is visiting from Australia next week, I'm excited to see her, but have plenty I *should* be doing, I don't get it.

Well, sitting here venting and surfing the web isnt really helping me get off my butt.

blah, maybe more coffee will help.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Longarm Quilting Music

My current favorite. I actually cant sit still when I listen to it.
I love quilting to music, helps me keep a good flow when doing freehand or even pantos, my personal favs are R&B, underground hiphop, but whatever makes you smile is what you should listen to. Sometimes I just have it playing from my computer, sometimes hook myself up to my iPod.

Oh speaking of which, iPod phone and iPod touch has an awesome free game called Tap Tap Revenge, its like Guitar Hero (and seriously who doesnt LOVE guitar hero!) only you tap the screen to the beats. Lots of music you can download (free) for it, really fun and great for eye/hand coordination (ok not really but I have to keep giving myself excuses for my game addictions), still, I figure it limbers up the wrists, hands and fingers for quilting, shhh dont blow my theory! =)

My three criteria for enjoying and setting myself free while quilting:
Relaxed shoulders
Glass of wine
Great music

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tiny Treasures quilted

Yippee! another completion, well mostly .. binding and a heartstrings label still to do but basically done lol

I think with the quilting it has a bit more personality, hopefully some lil girl will like it anyway.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally done

Well I finally finished piecing this Tiny Treasures quilt, took me 2 weeks of on and off working on it, I must say it gave me lots of troubles and I'm not super happy with
it, but, its on my to do list today to quilt and I'm hopeful I will like it better once
its quilted.

As usual my picture sucks lol

Funky Caterpillars

Last weekend I finished up this little quilt from Becky's pattern. I'm not sure where it is going yet, but I think it will be ok for a wee one to cuddle in. Anyone have any suggestions? It is quite bright and crazy but I rather like it, used up some stash and some hand dye that I did years ago, that well isn't the greatest but I think its turned out sort of fun looking.

I pieced the back, made another caterpillar block for the center, and put a heartstrings label on it.

Being as its been dubbed the caterpillar block, I quilted it with butterflies and leaves.

Quilted the border with a circle template, overlapping them.

Thanks for looking, have an awesome weekend!