Friday, February 27, 2009

New heartstrings quilt

Finished quilting this top today, when I pieced the top I used dark and light strips in separate blocks to give it a little different look. Quilted the light squares with a ginko disk pattern and the dark ones in a different pattern.

I started making this for a particular person but sadly she passed away the other day.

I will bind it and donate it to someone else eventually, just maybe I think I may let it sit for a lil while, I guess thats weird but I feel a whole bunch sad about it just now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Done ala Bonnie Hunter

I finished this yesterday, the border is made from the trimmings of the blocks, I stitched them as leaders/enders while putting the blocks together. My first time doing something like that, thanks to Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville, loving using up the scraps!

I added a tiny yellow flange before the binding to cover the less than perfect points lol but also thought it added a nice bit of brightness to the edge.

I used the circle lord tiles straight/wave block square to quilt it, it is 18" square so had to move things along to do the whole quilt with it, was a good learning experience, not perfect in every spot but think the next time will be better now that I've figured out a method of doing a whole quilt with the small board.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strips and Strings done

Thanks to everyone for the ideas on bordering this scrappy devil, I really did want to use the red border idea that most suggested, but, I'm on 'no-buy', not officially but with me and myself =) and had zero red! how does that happen?! not sure...but yikes hardly any red left in my stash, nor yellow either and def no orange. I *might* have to break down and buy a little bit but will wait until I absolutely must have some. Think that a semi local quilt shop has their 30 percent off sale in March, so hopefully can hold off until then.

Anyway, here are pictures of the finished quilt, I am really quite pleased with it, considering its made from all scraps, amazing that I used to toss out the 'bits' of fabric! YIKES! =)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ugh I think I have ADD

Well...I did get the Indian Hatchet backing 1/2 loaded...but well people on the stashbuster list keep talking about these fabric baskets so I checked it out and suddenly I was making one.

Good news is you may or may not notice I made it out of triangle scraps from the lil girls Tiny Treasures quilt I made a few months ago, the trimmings from the pinwheel blocks, so thats a good thing...right? =)

It is perfect for putting my crochet cotton and needles in for the bandages, so it wasnt a total waste of time lol

The tutorial for these is at Pink Penguins blog. Go there if you dare! lol j/k, but they are fun to make and quick really, I made mine bigger than the tutorial, think mines about 13" x 8.5" or something in that range.

Indian Hatchet

Managed to get the top finished up over the weekend, feels so good to have a UFO
almost done! The backing is pressed and ready, hopefully will get the quilting done today and maybe even the binding, altho I'm still hand sewing the binding on the lil
string/strip quilt. Need to get that finished up today and I'll post a picture of it, quite pleased with how that one turned out, even tho I didnt have any red fabric to do the border which was the most voted colour for it and what I wanted too. But I am trying so hard not to buy any fabric so made do with what I had.

I should have finished the binding last night but instead I have got a bit sidetracked with making leprosy bandages, they need to be delivered by March 1, so been knitting those in the evenings.

I think Heroes might be starting back up tonight, seems forever since they have had an episode, but if its on I'll finish the binding while watching that, I watch very little TV maybe thats why I dont get the bindings finished! lol Big bang is on tonight tho, and I do watch that, funniest show ever imo, but its only 1/2 hour and I am the slowest hand sewer in the entire world. Ok I dont have any scientific data to state that as fact, but it seems it is probably true when I read on stashbusters how ladies report having sewn 2-3 bindings on in one night...good Lord, I'm lucky to get one side done in one night! lol

off to load the hatchet top, think I will do crosshatching or something like that on it.

oh and happy almost valentines day! Thought this blog background was cute for the season.

January 2009 Fabric Report

Fabric Used:

Happy Blocks: 1.68 yards
Heartstring backing and binding: 3 yards
Indian Hatchett top: 4 yards
Small string top, backing and binding: 3.5

Total Used: 12.18 yards

Total Added: 0