Monday, February 2, 2009

Indian Hatchet

Managed to get the top finished up over the weekend, feels so good to have a UFO
almost done! The backing is pressed and ready, hopefully will get the quilting done today and maybe even the binding, altho I'm still hand sewing the binding on the lil
string/strip quilt. Need to get that finished up today and I'll post a picture of it, quite pleased with how that one turned out, even tho I didnt have any red fabric to do the border which was the most voted colour for it and what I wanted too. But I am trying so hard not to buy any fabric so made do with what I had.

I should have finished the binding last night but instead I have got a bit sidetracked with making leprosy bandages, they need to be delivered by March 1, so been knitting those in the evenings.

I think Heroes might be starting back up tonight, seems forever since they have had an episode, but if its on I'll finish the binding while watching that, I watch very little TV maybe thats why I dont get the bindings finished! lol Big bang is on tonight tho, and I do watch that, funniest show ever imo, but its only 1/2 hour and I am the slowest hand sewer in the entire world. Ok I dont have any scientific data to state that as fact, but it seems it is probably true when I read on stashbusters how ladies report having sewn 2-3 bindings on in one night...good Lord, I'm lucky to get one side done in one night! lol

off to load the hatchet top, think I will do crosshatching or something like that on it.

oh and happy almost valentines day! Thought this blog background was cute for the season.

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